Warrior Viking Whitepaper

Warrior Viking Whitepaper

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The Warrior Viking Marketplace: Simplifying Transactions of NFTs, Items, and Internal Currencies

In Warrior Viking: Battle Farm, the marketplace is designed to be intuitive and efficient, facilitating the discovery and acquisition of characters and runes vital for your journey. The marketplace interface displays an organized list of available items. Upon selecting an item, players are greeted by a detailed modal that reveals all necessary information about the desired item, from characteristics to price.

Innovative Marketplace Features:
  • Add to Bag: This option allows players to select and accumulate multiple items into a single shopping bag, enabling the acquisition of more than one item in a transaction. By purchasing 10 items in a single order, the player is rewarded with a 5% discount on the total purchase, encouraging volume transactions.

  • Buy Now: For those who prefer direct acquisition, the “Buy” button facilitates the immediate transaction of the selected item, ensuring speed and efficiency in the purchase process.

Sale Dynamics and Discounts:

Sellers in the marketplace have the option to allow their NFTs or items to be added to collective shopping bags. By opting for this feature, a fee of 0.5% is applied to the sale price as an incentive to participate in the bag system. This not only increases the visibility of the item but also offers greater flexibility for buyers. Items whose sellers do not adhere to this option will not have the “Add to Bag” button on their Marketplace items, potentially limiting their exposure in the marketplace.

Fees and Community Benefits:

A fee of 15% on each sale goes to the Warrior Viking development team, contributing to the maintenance and expansion of the game and replenishing the Battle Farm pool. For items included in the collective shopping bag, this fee is slightly increased to 15.5%, reflecting the added value of this functionality for both buyers and sellers.

Coin Market:

In addition to characters and runes, the marketplace also serves as a platform for trading Gold. Silver and Bronze continue to be traded directly by the Warrior Viking team, ensuring these fundamental resources remain accessible to all players.

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