Warrior Viking Whitepaper

Warrior Viking Whitepaper

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Levels and Slots

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In Warrior Viking: Battle Farm, each warrior begins their journey towards wealth through a meticulous Level System, and each character can reach up to level 20, which is the Maximum Level. There are two distinct ways to advance on this path:

Organic Growth: Through active participation in daily reward collection, players accumulate essential experience (XP) for advancement. To ascend to a new level, a payment in gold, silver, and bronze is required. It’s important to note that, with this method, XP does not automatically accumulate, requiring direct player action to effectuate the evolution.

Values in Gold:

  • Gold: 1000
  • Silver: 500
  • Bronze: 500

Acceleration via USDT: For those wishing to accelerate their progress, there is the option to purchase XP with USDT. Payment in gold is necessary to effectuate level advancement. This method allows for the accumulation of purchased XP, facilitating the management of character evolution.

The costs for evolution vary according to the level tier:

Level Range USD Cost per Level Gold per Level
1 to 5 $0.25 100 Gold
6 to 10 $0.50 85 Gold
11 to 15 $0.75 75 Gold
16 to 20 $1.00 50 Gold

Important: In addition to XP, to advance a level, a specific payment in gold, silver, and bronze is required, with values to be defined based on the desired level.

The costs for evolution vary according to the level tier:

With every fifth level achieved, warriors unlock a new rune slot, expanding their capabilities to insert a new rune. Each slot can be coupled with a Rune that will provide effects for the Warriors and can be unlocked for $1.50. With a total of five slots available, this mechanic encourages non-mandatory investment to enhance your Warrior’s Battle Farm capacity.

These slots are the home for Runes — from Activators to Specific Effect Runes — each adding a layer of power and depth to your Warrior, transforming warriors into living legends of Midgard.

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Levels and Slots

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