Warrior Viking Whitepaper

Warrior Viking Whitepaper

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In “Warrior Viking Battle Farm,” the battle system is designed to be straightforward and engaging, adopting an idle click model that allows players to face their adversaries with the simple action of clicking. This method ensures an accessible gameplay experience that is still filled with excitement and opportunities to accumulate rewards.

Simplified Battle Dynamics:

  • Click Action: Players engage in combat with a computer-controlled opponent, using a click-based battle system. Each click represents an attack on the opponent, aiming to deplete the opponent’s 5 lives to achieve victory.

  • Defenses and Chances: When attacking, there is a 40% chance of the computer defending against the player’s attack. Similarly, the player starts with a 40% chance of defending against computer attacks, a chance that can increase by 1% for each level their character reaches, adding an element of progression and reward for the player’s advancement.

  • Battle Log: Every successful attack and defense is recorded in the Battle Log, providing a clear view of the combat’s development and allowing players to track their achievements.

Rewards and Resets:

  • Victories: After a victory, players are rewarded according to the specific characteristics of their characters, encouraging them to continue participating and evolving within the game.

  • Defeats: In the case of a defeat, the player does not receive the daily reward, but it is important to highlight that the Catalyzer Rune is not lost. This offers the player the chance to try again the following day, extending the warrior’s Farming potential.

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