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The new era is coming to the northern seas, we are not surprised by the wave of excitement that hits us with all the changes that have come to make the scene even better. 

The change in Mindset brings an expectation of revolution in the way we view the NFT market and how it will benefit investors and players alike.

We believe that transactions via smaller cryptocurrencies tend to suffer from market volatility and continued devaluation. As such, our team has chosen to adhere to a simplified trading system, based entirely on demand to buy and sell on the marketplace as well as having the value tied to Ethereum, a major cryptocurrency that has been perpetuating itself in the market for years.

Our partnership with Myria will bring greater freedom and speed to NFT transactions, as well as being free of fees in basic functions, for example: the exchange of the value of an NFT in the marketplace.

With a new version, new partnerships and a new economic system we are all ready for the “New Era” that will begin now!0

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