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Throughout the vast Nordic lands echo the thunderous roars of the creatures that inhabit it. Filled with them, our Lords will need all the help they can get to fight these infamous and despicable creatures. Therefore, it will be the NFTs that will help us fight these creatures. There will be several warriors, heroes, and gods available to accompany us, as well as different equipment, weapons, and spells to facilitate our journey in search of adventures throughout midgard.

What are NFTs?

Non-Fungible Token” are digital assets registered in Blockchain (in our game it will be through the Ethereum network), assets that represent a unique property acquired and that can be traded freely.
Within Warriors Vikings they will be used in the form of characters to allow interaction within the map, as well as equipment that will make the characters even stronger with special attributes and abilities.

How to get NFTs in Warrior Viking?

Initially they were obtained in the pre-sale, where only privileged Lords could buy them.
Nowadays they can only be obtained when bought from other players in the marketplace and in the fierce way we Vikings know, which is collecting fragments from monsters and slain creatures inside the map.
(You need 5 shards to assemble a new NFT)

What happened to my NFTs from the BSC network?

You who obtained NFTs in the pre-sale on the Binance Smart Chain don’t worry, because all your in-game coins and NFTs will be migrated to the Ethereum network and will be available on the Myria platform.

Marketplace and transactions of NFTs

Within the Myria platform there will be our Marketplace, a place where all our Lords can trade their NFT belongings with freedom over the sale value.

It will be through the Marketplace that our Lords will be able to make their profits as great merchant Vikings trading their NFTs in order to obtain immeasurable riches.


The NFTs will be your gateway to our game, it will be from there that you will be able to interact within the map, fulfilling quests, facing powerful opponents and obtaining great spoils by killing creatures, so be sure to secure your NFTs in our Marketplace to enjoy this incredible Warriors Vikings universe.

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