1. 📖 About

Rune Realms:

Welcome to “Warrior Viking NFT Rune Realms,” where the legends of ancient Scandinavia come to life in a world where every choice glimmers with the magic of runes. Here, you venture into a land of myths and power, a realm where your saga is as grand as the bravery you bring to the battlefield.

Our Saga:

We embarked on this adventure to fuse a passion for Norse mythology with the revolution of blockchain, and the result is a gaming experience that breathes with the pulsations of a warrior’s heart. It’s not just a game; it’s a community, a place where camaraderie and strategy go hand in hand.

What Makes Us Unique:

In the vast sea of NFT games, “Warrior Viking” stands out as a longship poised to conquer new worlds. Our economy, based on NFTs and Runes with Free Market, is a tapestry woven with threads of innovation and tradition, where each Rune and NFT you hold is a piece of the history you write.

Our Commitment:

We sail this sea with you, the warrior, at the heart of our voyage. Your feedback, your stories, and your triumphs are the stars by which we navigate. Together, we will expand this universe, bring new content, and forge events that will leave even the gods in ecstasy.

Join Us:

Come, leave your mark on “Warrior Viking NFT Rune Realms.” Together, we will go beyond the horizon, in search of glory and fortune. May the runes guide your path, and may your legend be eternized in the sagas of Midgard.

2. ⚔️ Battle Farm

Enter the legendary lands of Midgard, where the bravery and cunning of a warrior are as decisive as the blade they wield. We introduce the revolutionary “Viking Warrior Farm,” a Battle Farm environment where your heroes not only fight for honor but also reap tangible rewards in USDT, blending the fervor of combat with financial strategy.

2.1 Gameplay Mechanics

In Battle Farm, each warrior has the opportunity to claim their own space in Midgard.

This space is the stage for daily battles, where one can accumulate rewards in USDT.

The pulsating heart of this system are the Runes, especially the Catalyzing Runes, which are essential for enabling battle days for the warriors.

2.2 Purchasing Runes

The Runes, cornerstones of this world, are made available through the purchase of chests with USDT. Each chest contains runes distributed randomly, reflecting various rarities:

Chest Type Price Runes Common Uncommon Rare Epic Mythical Legendary
Common 3 USDT 1 to 3 70% 20% 8% 2% 0%
Rare 5 USDT 2 to 6 15% 20% 62% 2.5% 0.5%
Epic 8 USDT 3 to 7 10% 20% 23% 45% 2%
Mythical 12 USDT 5 to 12 5% 5% 19% 30% 40% 1%

2.3 Runes

The runes play a vital role in triggering your daily Battle Farm, categorized into Catalyzing Runes, 19 Runes with Specific Effects, and a singular Legendary Rune.

Catalyzing Runes


Adds 5 days of Battle Farm to the Warrior
Increases USDT income by 1%.


Adds 10 days of Battle Farm to the Warrior
Increases USDT income by 2%.


Adds 20 days of Battle Farm to the Warrior
Increases USDT income by 3%.


Adds 30 days of Battle Farm to the Warrior
Increases USDT income by 4.5%.
Puts all your market items in a special highlighted list


Adds 40 days of Battle Farm to the Warrior
Increases USDT income by 7%.
Puts all your market items in a special highlighted list

Enchantment Runes

- Common


Increases USDT income by 0.5%.


Reduces the time needed to harvest resources by 1%, which indirectly increases income.


Provides a 0.5% chance of doubled earnings in a farm session.


Increases USDT income by 0.75%.

- Uncommons


Increases USDT income by 1%.


Provides a 1.5% bonus in USDT when selling items or resources (Must be equipped to any character).


Increases the chance of events that can double the USDT income from a farm session by 1%.


Increases the chance of rune fusion by 1% (Must be equipped to any character).

- Rares


Freezes income at the highest percentage for 7 battles.


Provides a seasonal bonus of 2.5% to USDT income.


Increases USDT income by 2% and offers resistance to events that could decrease income.


Gives a 2% chance to discover a hidden USDT bonus income daily.

- Epic


Increases USDT income by 3.5% and occasionally brings enlightenment to double the income from a farm session.


Provides a justice bonus of 4% in USDT on transactions and sales. ( Use at the time of sale)


Increases USDT income obtained from Battle Farm sessions by 3%.


Reduces farm time by 2%, allowing for faster farm collection during the days.

- Mythical


Reduces USDT conversion rates by 5%.


Ensures maximum farm yield, also increases USDT income by 5%.


Provides an enlightenment bonus that can randomly increase USDT income by up to 6%.

- Legendary

The Unknowable

Income Multiplier: The rune increases passive income in USDT by 2%.

Consistency Bonus: The rune guarantees a fixed daily bonus of USDT, regardless of the player's activity, perhaps equivalent to 5% of the total won the previous day.

Jackpot Chance: Every week, the rune offers a chance of between 4% and 7% to double the passive income earned that week.

Bônus de Lealdade: Quanto mais tempo a runa permanecer ativa e não for negociada ou transferida, maior será o bônus acumulativo até um máximo de 15%. It can start at a 2% increase and grow with each week of loyalty.

Efficiency Boost: The rune increases the efficiency of all other runes by 2%, potentially resulting in a greater combined gain than just increasing one metric.

2.4 Levels and Slots

In Warrior Viking: Battle Farm, each warrior begins their journey towards wealth through a meticulous Level System, and each character can reach up to level 20, which is the Maximum Level. There are two distinct ways to advance on this path:

Organic Growth: Through active participation in daily reward collection, players accumulate essential experience (XP) for advancement. To ascend to a new level, a payment in gold, silver, and bronze is required. It’s important to note that, with this method, XP does not automatically accumulate, requiring direct player action to effectuate the evolution.

Values in Gold:

  • Gold: 1000
  • Silver: 500
  • Bronze: 500

Acceleration via USDT: For those wishing to accelerate their progress, there is the option to purchase XP with USDT. Payment in gold is necessary to effectuate level advancement. This method allows for the accumulation of purchased XP, facilitating the management of character evolution.

The costs for evolution vary according to the level tier:

Level Range USD Cost per Level Gold per Level
1 to 5 $0.25 100 Gold
6 to 10 $0.50 85 Gold
11 to 15 $0.75 75 Gold
16 to 20 $1.00 50 Gold

Important: In addition to XP, to advance a level, a specific payment in gold, silver, and bronze is required, with values to be defined based on the desired level.

The costs for evolution vary according to the level tier:

With every fifth level achieved, warriors unlock a new rune slot, expanding their capabilities to insert a new rune. Each slot can be coupled with a Rune that will provide effects for the Warriors and can be unlocked for $1.50. With a total of five slots available, this mechanic encourages non-mandatory investment to enhance your Warrior’s Battle Farm capacity.

These slots are the home for Runes — from Activators to Specific Effect Runes — each adding a layer of power and depth to your Warrior, transforming warriors into living legends of Midgard.

2.5 Battle

In “Warrior Viking Battle Farm,” the battle system is designed to be straightforward and engaging, adopting an idle click model that allows players to face their adversaries with the simple action of clicking. This method ensures an accessible gameplay experience that is still filled with excitement and opportunities to accumulate rewards.

Simplified Battle Dynamics:

  • Click Action: Players engage in combat with a computer-controlled opponent, using a click-based battle system. Each click represents an attack on the opponent, aiming to deplete the opponent’s 5 lives to achieve victory.

  • Defenses and Chances: When attacking, there is a 40% chance of the computer defending against the player’s attack. Similarly, the player starts with a 40% chance of defending against computer attacks, a chance that can increase by 1% for each level their character reaches, adding an element of progression and reward for the player’s advancement.

  • Battle Log: Every successful attack and defense is recorded in the Battle Log, providing a clear view of the combat’s development and allowing players to track their achievements.

Rewards and Resets:

  • Victories: After a victory, players are rewarded according to the specific characteristics of their characters, encouraging them to continue participating and evolving within the game.

  • Defeats: In the case of a defeat, the player does not receive the daily reward, but it is important to highlight that the Catalyzer Rune is not lost. This offers the player the chance to try again the following day, extending the warrior’s Farming potential.

2.6 Marketplace

The Warrior Viking Marketplace: Simplifying Transactions of NFTs, Items, and Internal Currencies

In Warrior Viking: Battle Farm, the marketplace is designed to be intuitive and efficient, facilitating the discovery and acquisition of characters and runes vital for your journey. The marketplace interface displays an organized list of available items. Upon selecting an item, players are greeted by a detailed modal that reveals all necessary information about the desired item, from characteristics to price.

Innovative Marketplace Features:
  • Add to Bag: This option allows players to select and accumulate multiple items into a single shopping bag, enabling the acquisition of more than one item in a transaction. By purchasing 10 items in a single order, the player is rewarded with a 5% discount on the total purchase, encouraging volume transactions.

  • Buy Now: For those who prefer direct acquisition, the “Buy” button facilitates the immediate transaction of the selected item, ensuring speed and efficiency in the purchase process.

Sale Dynamics and Discounts:

Sellers in the marketplace have the option to allow their NFTs or items to be added to collective shopping bags. By opting for this feature, a fee of 0.5% is applied to the sale price as an incentive to participate in the bag system. This not only increases the visibility of the item but also offers greater flexibility for buyers. Items whose sellers do not adhere to this option will not have the “Add to Bag” button on their Marketplace items, potentially limiting their exposure in the marketplace.

Fees and Community Benefits:

A fee of 15% on each sale goes to the Warrior Viking development team, contributing to the maintenance and expansion of the game and replenishing the Battle Farm pool. For items included in the collective shopping bag, this fee is slightly increased to 15.5%, reflecting the added value of this functionality for both buyers and sellers.

Coin Market:

In addition to characters and runes, the marketplace also serves as a platform for trading Gold. Silver and Bronze continue to be traded directly by the Warrior Viking team, ensuring these fundamental resources remain accessible to all players.